The Flavor of Pain

The life and times of a Giovonni
  • Devin Stanley and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” deliver Vanessa Hammond to the primogen meeting. The Kindred discover that her cabal is not alone in the city, and there is a dangerous organization known as the technocracy here. They gain some knowledge of her powers. She agrees to begin coming up with a framework deal.
  • “Luke” is attacked by Maki Susumu, and he is nearly killed.
  • Lex & Devin Stanley pick up “Luke”. He explains the Yakuza may be after them as well.
  • They arrive at the Monastery, and the has them ushered into a private viewing room. They watch as Betram Balfour recounts his crimes he committed in trying to get to the truth about Kristen Lexington. The Black Saint provides them with a vampire drug called Innocence Lost. The characters proceed to hallucinate, and the Saint tries to sell them on Path of Typhon.
  • The characters return to their lives. Devin is left to pick up the pieces of April after her encounter with Betram. Lex returns to his gang with big questions about what he wants. “Luke” is left knowing that his life is in very real danger, and the gains he made until now are fragile.
Moving on up
Devin, Lex and Luke have some success
  • Luke begins to establish himself as a local fixer. He has already completed a two jobs. He acquires a middle man (retainer 1). The game begins with him eliminating a software engineer in the man’s apartment.
  • Devin offers Lex to work in distribution on the side. He asks Lex if he knows who is dealing in his club. Lex comes up with a name, but Gabby Loukios is more than either of them expected.
  • Devin confronts Gabby, and she makes a scene in his club before storming out.
  • Leslie begins to drink regularly in the club, regularly closing the place out.
  • Devin interviews several individuals for a Barback and Bartender jobs. He hires Rana Williams as a book keeper and April as a bar back.
  • Ansel enters the city, and he is granted permission to stay. Lex did not object at Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” urging despite Ansel being a noncombatant.
  • Jaguar enters the city, and he is awarded territory within the South Valley.
  • Gryphon enters the city, and he is awarded territory within the South Valley
  • Jenna enters the city, and she swears allegiance to Isiah as his knight.
  • Luke breaks into the office of Betram’s therapists office with a little trouble and a little help. He steals her computer since she had no physical files.
  • They bring the computer to Ramon Hernandez, who reveals he went to BOCES, but he can’t get past security.
  • They call the bar, Gabby happens to be there. She offers to help. They bring her the computer, and she is able to get to the files.
  • It is revealed that Betram Balfour is a good person, but he has issues. The therapist suspects he has impure thoughts about his half sister April, an unhealthy obsession with Kristen Lexington and he has seen visions of the Monastery conveyed to him by an angelic being.
  • Luke begins looking for a way to corrupt Betram Balfour. He settles on pretending to be a private eye hired by the police. He convinces the teen the police ruled this a non-priority and asks him to pump information from Jenny.
  • Betram Balfour gets cold feet. Lex takes him for a ride, and he pushes the boy over the edge before dropping him off at Dunken Donuts.
  • Luke & Devin pick up Vanessa Hammond from home, and encourage her to wear regular clothes.
One Month Hence

Personal Goals

The Meeting of the Primogen

  • Final death for dialbrists going forward
  • Ashlynn, Watcher, Ahiga are all made hounds.
  • New combatants in the city will be granted domain, but under one of the members of the Primogen. They are essentially vassals.
  • Domain violations have a three strike rule. On the third strike, domain will be taken away from offender. If no domain is available, they will be forced to do time in service to the other vampire. Refusal will result in time spent in torpor.
  • Destroying someone’s ghoul or property will lead to something being destroyed or taken that belongs to the other.
  • Tipping off hunters to another vampire’s domain, habits or location is punishable by a time in torpor decided on by the prince.
  • Primogen will be establishing other standard punisments in coming months.
  • New entrants will need to present themselves before the Prince within 24 hours.
  • The masquerade will be strictly enforced.
  • Antitribue will be welcomed into the city provided they have demonstrated their loyalty to other Camarilla cities or are willing to submit to a blood bond.
  • The Camarilla deems the middle school that Vanessa Hammond works at her territory, and the people associated with it under her portection.
The Foothills Fire
Called the Foothill Massacre in the Conspiracy Circles
  • Devin, Lex and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” race onto the scene, a full on assault on the Sabbat attacking Gloria’s Mansion.
  • Lex and Luke swerve at the last minute off the drive way to avoid road spikes. They handle the machines with ease, and crest the top of the driveway to be confronted by Vozhd
  • Lex is badly injured by the Vozhd in the first round, but Luke buys them time before fleeing the fire in Rotshrek.
  • Devin drives the car into the Vozhd causing massive damage to it.
  • Lex heals and rejoins the fight.
  • Frozen by Luke’s Rigor Mortis, the group makes quick work of the horror despite the Red Fear. Only to have watching Sabbat join the fight.
  • Absalom and a Gestalt of Blood Brothers joined the frey as Devin, Lex and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” flee.
  • Baron Rios leaps into battle with the Gestalt while Absalom looks on. Baron Rios is losing when Isiah Rodriguez steps in. The two fight in concert, but Baron Rios falls. Isiah prevents his final death, and he finishes off the Gestalt. The characters rush to try and take out Absalom but he curses Devin with something resembling life, then he steps into the realm of the dead.

three weeks downtime

  • Isiah calls for an Elysium. The city has changed. Gloria Alvarez re-emerged from years of grief. Habu, Lex and John the Son take their roles as Primogen. Joining Ghast on the council.
  • There is a debate among the Primogen over whether the entire city should be tested for Dialbrie, because Devin’s history comes to light. The Primogen are divided with Habu and Ghast requesting everyone gets tested. Gloria, Isiah, John the Son disagree.
  • Isiah proposes a blood bond instead. Devin speaks up, but he fails to sway the opinions of the primogen. Habu and Ghast agree to the blood bond, but Gloria insists it be to her.
The Witch, The Saint and the Sabbat
It all goes to Shit
  • Velma, Devin, Luke and Lex meet at a bowling alley to plan for the future. They are cut short because Lex remembers that they forgot to speak with a Witch who was set to help them
  • Devin, Luke and Lex go visit Vanessa Hammond, a powerful necromancer and Kindergarten teacher. She informs the Hounds that their odds for survival are slim. She offers to alter their fate, to provide them a chance of total victory and a larger chance for survival. The price is the life and potential of one child. Devin refuses to even consider this, and he excuses himself from the room. Lex takes the burden and responsiblity.
  • Devin meets with Leslie Coleman and Nick Williams about buying the Gecko nightclub. He agrees to buy it, and retain Nick Williams and Antonio Salas as employees.
  • Luke meets with the The Black Saint to secure Susan’s home. He is told that he needs to wreck the lives of Susan’s exboyfriend, her boss Steve and Ashley her coworker. He also must locate two more women for the Saint, and he must corrupt Kristen’s infatuated friend.
  • Lex picks up Carlos from his church. He encounters a strange priest who seems to hate him on sight. Carlos accepts his offer for embrace. Lex provides Carlos one last night, an evening with Susan that brother Jim helps arrange.
  • The Hounds arrange for Velma to secure a warehouse as headquarters.
  • Charlie notifies the Hounds that he spotted the Sabbat. They go cause some chaos on Highway 40 to slow down the Sabbat. They cause some car accidents, and a car explodes. They encounter The Girl in the Blue Dress at the wheel of an El Camino. She calls Lex who is defiant. Devin points his weapon at her, and he fires with mirth. She dominates him into shooting Luke. None of them are terribly injured.
  • The characters race back to the werehouse only to find out the Sabbat had eliminated Father John, Blake, two other Brujah and Gloria Alvarez is under attack.
Rising Dead
  • The Hounds encounter members of the Sabbat pack in the El Campo Santo cemetery where Devin Stanley. The Hounds manage to escape. Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” badly injured The Skink.
  • In desperate need of blood, the Hounds locate a remote trailer park. They find a lonely obese woman, and they take her for a ride. Then they feed. Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” turns her corpse to Ash.
  • Lex first tries to manipulate Kristen Lexington to becoming a prostitute in the service of The Black Saint. When she is resistant he uses intimidation. He passes his conscience roll, and he feels guilty.
  • Devin Stanley pretends that his car broke down to get into Susan’s house. He notices she has overdue bills. She tells him her sob story, and then he sells her on prostitution as a way out. He passes his conscience roll and he feels guilty.
  • Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” sneeks into the house once Devin Stanley and Susan leave. He searches her computer, and he finds some naked photos she took in her private folders. He emails them to her boss, knowing someone as shy as Susan would feel stuck. He fails his morality check, and he does not feel guilty.
  • The characters deliver the girls to The Black Saint who provided them with badly needed information about the Sabbat. The Hounds were feeling guilty about it, but they has no time to waste.
  • All the kindred in the city are at the Elysium. Lex & Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” introduce themselves to Habu, Fuego the Lame & Ashlynn
  • Lex tells Rios what he found out.
  • Baron Rios announces that Habu will be a Primogen. He also claims that they need more help in the battle against the Sabbat. He says each clan should provide 2 volunteers. Isiah Rodriguez disagrees. Baron Rios claims it’s time for them to embrace more childe who are willing to fight. He gives explicit permision to Velma Ashland to embrace. Then suggests any willing to fight should be allowed as well. Isiah Rodriguez objects saying that Devin Stanley and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” cannot be given permission to sire. Then single out Devin as the problem. Devin Stanley is baited into an argument, and the Baron Rios disrupts it. The Black Saint reveals the Sabbat have summoned a Paladin for help.
  • The Kindred who volunteer divide into three teams. The Tremere Habu, Fuego the Lame & Ashlynn are one team. Akando, Ahiga, Watcher and John the Son are another team. The Hounds + Velma are the last.
Sinners Sin
Human Trafficking, Cannabalism and a Devil in the Blue Dress
  • The Characters met with the Black Saint.
  • Lex found out the Black Saint wanted to sire him before the Sabbat got him.
  • The Characters arrange to trade girls for information.
  • Luke tracks Whip Tail, and it doesn’t go quite as he expected.
  • Whip Tail arrogantly confronts the Blood Hounds on a roof. He is beaten.
  • Whip Tail is diablerie by Devin, and the other Hounds find out its not his first.
  • Devin retreats to a graveyard to recuperate.
  • The characters still need to get the girls to find out the information about the information they need to track the Sabbat.
Drugs, Girls and Warfare
Lucky G comes to Albuquerque
  • Lex consults with his second, Carlos. Carlos tells Lex that Jose tripled his earnings. Lex consults with Jose over his sales, and Jose provides some compelling sales techniques. He also identifies who he sold to.
  • Devin meets Charlie, Jenny and Sal. They are thin bloods that were squatting in the domain granted to him by the prince.
  • Lex and Devin get a call from Velma Ashland, and she asks them to pick up Lucky Giovanni.
  • Lucky, Devin and Lex return to the warehouse. The boys are playing Monopoly. Lucky climbs into the back of a pickup. He investigates the body, and he conclude it was sculpted with Vicissitude and raised by a necromancer.
  • He uses Necromancy, and he sees the ghost of the boy who the body belongs to. He draws a picture in his blood on the truck. Lucky recognizes it. He consults with his sire, Illaria Giovanni about the symbol. They agree its the same symbol left at the scene of several murdered Giovanni.
    *The characters schedule a meeting with Velma Ashland and Baron Rios, but they go to a party in the meantime.
  • They attend a sorority party at Alpha Phi. Lex creeps out April, the buyer who bought 3 grand worth of product from Jose. Devin feeds and socializes. Lucky feeds, and he ends up intoxicated by the drugs in the girls system.
  • They recap the new information for the Baron Rios, and Lex is officially put in charge of the investigation.
  • Devin and Charlie “ask” Charlie to keep a watch on the west.
New Blood, Same Story
Lex and Devin become a team
  • Lex is asked to take Devin, a new arrival from Las Vegas, under his wing. They are assigned to a hoteltation attack that is rumored to be related to the Sabbat.
  • They go talk to Gypsy Ravanos Silvio. Although the Ravanos normally are not trusted, its hard to distrust his fear. He packs up his caravan to lead them somewhere safer.
  • They go to the hotel/gas station and find a seen of total carnage. They move room to room checking the bodies.
  • Upon entering the last room, the victims rise from the dead. They are swarmed by zombies and one zombie war ghoul.
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