The Flavor of Pain

Drugs, Girls and Warfare

Lucky G comes to Albuquerque

  • Lex consults with his second, Carlos. Carlos tells Lex that Jose tripled his earnings. Lex consults with Jose over his sales, and Jose provides some compelling sales techniques. He also identifies who he sold to.
  • Devin meets Charlie, Jenny and Sal. They are thin bloods that were squatting in the domain granted to him by the prince.
  • Lex and Devin get a call from Velma¬†Ashland, and she asks them to pick up Lucky Giovanni.
  • Lucky, Devin and Lex return to the warehouse. The boys are playing Monopoly. Lucky climbs into the back of a pickup. He investigates the body, and he conclude it was sculpted with Vicissitude and raised by a necromancer.
  • He uses Necromancy, and he sees the ghost of the boy who the body belongs to. He draws a picture in his blood on the truck. Lucky recognizes it. He consults with his sire, Illaria Giovanni about the symbol. They agree its the same symbol left at the scene of several murdered Giovanni.
    *The characters schedule a meeting with Velma Ashland and Baron Rios, but they go to a party in the meantime.
  • They attend a sorority party at Alpha Phi. Lex creeps out April, the buyer who bought 3 grand worth of product from Jose. Devin feeds and socializes. Lucky feeds, and he ends up intoxicated by the drugs in the girls system.
  • They recap the new information for the Baron Rios, and Lex is officially put in charge of the investigation.
  • Devin and Charlie “ask” Charlie to keep a watch on the west.


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