The Flavor of Pain

Moving on up

Devin, Lex and Luke have some success

  • Luke begins to establish himself as a local fixer. He has already completed a two jobs. He acquires a middle man (retainer 1). The game begins with him eliminating a software engineer in the man’s apartment.
  • Devin offers Lex to work in distribution on the side. He asks Lex if he knows who is dealing in his club. Lex comes up with a name, but Gabby Loukios is more than either of them expected.
  • Devin confronts Gabby, and she makes a scene in his club before storming out.
  • Leslie begins to drink regularly in the club, regularly closing the place out.
  • Devin interviews several individuals for a Barback and Bartender jobs. He hires Rana Williams as a book keeper and April as a bar back.
  • Ansel enters the city, and he is granted permission to stay. Lex did not object at Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” urging despite Ansel being a noncombatant.
  • Jaguar enters the city, and he is awarded territory within the South Valley.
  • Gryphon enters the city, and he is awarded territory within the South Valley
  • Jenna enters the city, and she swears allegiance to Isiah as his knight.
  • Luke breaks into the office of Betram’s therapists office with a little trouble and a little help. He steals her computer since she had no physical files.
  • They bring the computer to Ramon Hernandez, who reveals he went to BOCES, but he can’t get past security.
  • They call the bar, Gabby happens to be there. She offers to help. They bring her the computer, and she is able to get to the files.
  • It is revealed that Betram Balfour is a good person, but he has issues. The therapist suspects he has impure thoughts about his half sister April, an unhealthy obsession with Kristen Lexington and he has seen visions of the Monastery conveyed to him by an angelic being.
  • Luke begins looking for a way to corrupt Betram Balfour. He settles on pretending to be a private eye hired by the police. He convinces the teen the police ruled this a non-priority and asks him to pump information from Jenny.
  • Betram Balfour gets cold feet. Lex takes him for a ride, and he pushes the boy over the edge before dropping him off at Dunken Donuts.
  • Luke & Devin pick up Vanessa Hammond from home, and encourage her to wear regular clothes.


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