The Flavor of Pain

Rising Dead

  • The Hounds encounter members of the Sabbat pack in the El Campo Santo cemetery where Devin Stanley. The Hounds manage to escape. Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” badly injured The Skink.
  • In desperate need of blood, the Hounds locate a remote trailer park. They find a lonely obese woman, and they take her for a ride. Then they feed. Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” turns her corpse to Ash.
  • Lex first tries to manipulate Kristen Lexington to becoming a prostitute in the service of The Black Saint. When she is resistant he uses intimidation. He passes his conscience roll, and he feels guilty.
  • Devin Stanley pretends that his car broke down to get into Susan’s house. He notices she has overdue bills. She tells him her sob story, and then he sells her on prostitution as a way out. He passes his conscience roll and he feels guilty.
  • Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” sneeks into the house once Devin Stanley and Susan leave. He searches her computer, and he finds some naked photos she took in her private folders. He emails them to her boss, knowing someone as shy as Susan would feel stuck. He fails his morality check, and he does not feel guilty.
  • The characters deliver the girls to The Black Saint who provided them with badly needed information about the Sabbat. The Hounds were feeling guilty about it, but they has no time to waste.
  • All the kindred in the city are at the Elysium. Lex & Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” introduce themselves to Habu, Fuego the Lame & Ashlynn
  • Lex tells Rios what he found out.
  • Baron Rios announces that Habu will be a Primogen. He also claims that they need more help in the battle against the Sabbat. He says each clan should provide 2 volunteers. Isiah Rodriguez disagrees. Baron Rios claims it’s time for them to embrace more childe who are willing to fight. He gives explicit permision to Velma¬†Ashland to embrace. Then suggests any willing to fight should be allowed as well. Isiah Rodriguez objects saying that Devin Stanley and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” cannot be given permission to sire. Then single out Devin as the problem. Devin Stanley is baited into an argument, and the Baron Rios disrupts it. The Black Saint reveals the Sabbat have summoned a Paladin for help.
  • The Kindred who volunteer divide into three teams. The Tremere Habu, Fuego the Lame & Ashlynn are one team. Akando, Ahiga, Watcher and John the Son are another team. The Hounds + Velma are the last.


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