The Flavor of Pain

The Foothills Fire

Called the Foothill Massacre in the Conspiracy Circles

  • Devin, Lex and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” race onto the scene, a full on assault on the Sabbat attacking Gloria’s Mansion.
  • Lex and Luke swerve at the last minute off the drive way to avoid road spikes. They handle the machines with ease, and crest the top of the driveway to be confronted by Vozhd
  • Lex is badly injured by the Vozhd in the first round, but Luke buys them time before fleeing the fire in Rotshrek.
  • Devin drives the car into the Vozhd causing massive damage to it.
  • Lex heals and rejoins the fight.
  • Frozen by Luke’s Rigor Mortis, the group makes quick work of the horror despite the Red Fear. Only to have watching Sabbat join the fight.
  • Absalom and a Gestalt of Blood Brothers joined the frey as Devin, Lex and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” flee.
  • Baron Rios leaps into battle with the Gestalt while Absalom looks on. Baron Rios is losing when Isiah Rodriguez steps in. The two fight in concert, but Baron Rios falls. Isiah prevents his final death, and he finishes off the Gestalt. The characters rush to try and take out Absalom but he curses Devin with something resembling life, then he steps into the realm of the dead.

three weeks downtime

  • Isiah calls for an Elysium. The city has changed. Gloria Alvarez re-emerged from years of grief. Habu, Lex and John the Son take their roles as Primogen. Joining Ghast on the council.
  • There is a debate among the Primogen over whether the entire city should be tested for Dialbrie, because Devin’s history comes to light. The Primogen are divided with Habu and Ghast requesting everyone gets tested. Gloria, Isiah, John the Son disagree.
  • Isiah proposes a blood bond instead. Devin speaks up, but he fails to sway the opinions of the primogen. Habu and Ghast agree to the blood bond, but Gloria insists it be to her.


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