The Flavor of Pain

The life and times of a Giovonni

  • Devin Stanley and Luciano Giovanni “Luke Johnson” deliver Vanessa Hammond to the primogen meeting. The Kindred discover that her cabal is not alone in the city, and there is a dangerous organization known as the technocracy here. They gain some knowledge of her powers. She agrees to begin coming up with a framework deal.
  • “Luke” is attacked by Maki Susumu, and he is nearly killed.
  • Lex & Devin Stanley pick up “Luke”. He explains the Yakuza may be after them as well.
  • They arrive at the Monastery, and the has them ushered into a private viewing room. They watch as Betram Balfour recounts his crimes he committed in trying to get to the truth about Kristen Lexington. The Black Saint provides them with a vampire drug called Innocence Lost. The characters proceed to hallucinate, and the Saint tries to sell them on Path of Typhon.
  • The characters return to their lives. Devin is left to pick up the pieces of April after her encounter with Betram. Lex returns to his gang with big questions about what he wants. “Luke” is left knowing that his life is in very real danger, and the gains he made until now are fragile.


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