The Flavor of Pain

The Witch, The Saint and the Sabbat

It all goes to Shit

  • Velma, Devin, Luke and Lex meet at a bowling alley to plan for the future. They are cut short because Lex remembers that they forgot to speak with a Witch who was set to help them
  • Devin, Luke and Lex go visit Vanessa Hammond, a powerful necromancer and Kindergarten teacher. She informs the Hounds that their odds for survival are slim. She offers to alter their fate, to provide them a chance of total victory and a larger chance for survival. The price is the life and potential of one child. Devin refuses to even consider this, and he excuses himself from the room. Lex takes the burden and responsiblity.
  • Devin meets with Leslie Coleman and Nick Williams about buying the Gecko nightclub. He agrees to buy it, and retain Nick Williams and Antonio Salas as employees.
  • Luke meets with the The Black Saint to secure Susan’s home. He is told that he needs to wreck the lives of Susan’s exboyfriend, her boss Steve and Ashley her coworker. He also must locate two more women for the Saint, and he must corrupt Kristen’s infatuated friend.
  • Lex picks up Carlos from his church. He encounters a strange priest who seems to hate him on sight. Carlos accepts his offer for embrace. Lex provides Carlos one last night, an evening with Susan that brother Jim helps arrange.
  • The Hounds arrange for Velma to secure a warehouse as headquarters.
  • Charlie notifies the Hounds that he spotted the Sabbat. They go cause some chaos on Highway 40 to slow down the Sabbat. They cause some car accidents, and a car explodes. They encounter The Girl in the Blue Dress at the wheel of an El Camino. She calls Lex who is defiant. Devin points his weapon at her, and he fires with mirth. She dominates him into shooting Luke. None of them are terribly injured.
  • The characters race back to the werehouse only to find out the Sabbat had eliminated Father John, Blake, two other Brujah and Gloria Alvarez is under attack.


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