The Flavor of Pain

One Month Hence


Personal Goals

The Meeting of the Primogen

  • Final death for dialbrists going forward
  • Ashlynn, Watcher, Ahiga are all made hounds.
  • New combatants in the city will be granted domain, but under one of the members of the Primogen. They are essentially vassals.
  • Domain violations have a three strike rule. On the third strike, domain will be taken away from offender. If no domain is available, they will be forced to do time in service to the other vampire. Refusal will result in time spent in torpor.
  • Destroying someone’s ghoul or property will lead to something being destroyed or taken that belongs to the other.
  • Tipping off hunters to another vampire’s domain, habits or location is punishable by a time in torpor decided on by the prince.
  • Primogen will be establishing other standard punisments in coming months.
  • New entrants will need to present themselves before the Prince within 24 hours.
  • The masquerade will be strictly enforced.
  • Antitribue will be welcomed into the city provided they have demonstrated their loyalty to other Camarilla cities or are willing to submit to a blood bond.
  • The Camarilla deems the middle school that Vanessa Hammond works at her territory, and the people associated with it under her portection.


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