Baron Rios

Anarch Baron of albuquerque


Clan: Gangrel
Demeanor: Judge
Relatives: Lex
Ghouls: Nick Sullivan

Baron Rios is over six feet tall, and he is narrowly built. His features are no long completely human, as he has frenzied too many times. His nose is flat like that of a snake, and his skin is scaly. His “hair” is black feather, and his fingers are permanently claws. He has an alter ego within the modder community that he uses to hide his vampiric nature. He does not spend much time with Kine though.


Baron Rios has been the prince of Albuquerque since 1999. He took the top spot after the previous prince, Diego Alvarez was murdered & dialbrized by his childe Rick Alvarez. Baron Rios was the Sheriff, and a close friend of Diego and Rick. He took it upon himself to declare a blood hunt, track Rick down and drag his ass into the sun. He is respected and feared by the small kindred community.

Baron Rios

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