Ending life is often simpler than living it.


Nature soldier
Demeanor eye of the storm

Str 3, Dex 3, sta 4
Chr 2, manip 2, app 3
Perc 3, int 2, wits 3

Alert 2, ath 1, aware 1, brawl 3, empath 1, intim 1, leader 1, street 3, subter 1

Drive 1, firearms 1, larceny 1, melee 1, survival 1

Invest 1, law 2, medic 1, occult 2, politics 2 technology 1 (security systems)

Fortitude 1
Protein 2

Status 1, resources 4, contacts 2, generation 3, retainer 1, domain 1

Lawman’s friend 2
Bruiser 1

Beacon of the unholy 2

Conscious 2, self control 3, courage 5

Humanity 5
Willpower 7


Ancient by the standards of the industry he is in. Most don’t make it out of their twenties, Lex on the other hand appears at least 40 which for someone in the drug trade certainly means they’ve seen and done some shit. He’s typically dressed in only a half buttoned dress shirt, chest hair and thick chain in full view. Although Of a pale complexion these days he was likely of eastern European descent if you had to take a guess. A receding hairline with hair slicked backed back, he is not extremely tall, less than 6’ but a solidly built man with the scars that can only have come from living a hard life.


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