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  • The Traditions

    h1. The First Tradition - The Masquerade. The Masquerade is at the heart of the Camarilla's very existence. The fact that vampires are real must be hidden from mortal eyes. Violations of this Tradition are usually punishable by death, if not worse …

  • Black Rain

    Black Rain is a corterie of vampires originally from New York. The leader of the corterie is [[:jenna-dark | Jenna Dark]], a Lasombra Antitribue. Despite the coterie making a name for themselves as warriors on the front line against the Sabbat, they found …

  • Night Watch

    h2. Night Watch The Coterie formed in the early 1950's when [[:father-john | Father John]] had premonitions of a burning desert. Omens of a coming evil that was ancient and unknowable. Much of [[:father-john | Father John's]] premonitions did not come …

  • The Warlocks

    The Warlocks likely don't refer to themselves as that, but it has become the parlance for the three Tremere who arrived in the city to aid in the war effort. Members: [[:habu | Habu]] [[:ashlynn | Ashlynn]] [[:fuego-the-lame | Fuego the Lame]]

  • Baron Rios

    Baron Rios has been the prince of Albuquerque since 1999. He took the top spot after the previous prince, Diego Alvarez was murdered & dialbrized by his childe Rick Alvarez. Baron Rios was the Sheriff, and a close friend of Diego and Rick. He took it …

  • Diego Alvarez

    Diego Alvarez was the Prince of Albuquerque for over a century. [[:baron-rios | Baron Rios]] and Diego were friends for a long time. They fought side by side as the Sabbat tried to cease the city in the early 20th century. They protected the masquerade as …

  • Dibe

    Dibe is Isiah's favorite childe. A Navajo beauty who is the only one permitted by Isiah to sire. On the surface, their relationship seems good. Rumors have it that she resents him. She is known to feed exclusively off a herd of Navajo.

  • Drake

    The youngest of Isiah's Brood, he was only sired a few years ago. Only recently was he allowed to attend events unattended. He acts like a typical Frat Boy. He seems... entitled to things. Oddly, its rumored that he is uniquely talented with dominate.

  • Akando

    A punk rocker from the Navajo tribe. He was sired by [[:dibe | Dibe]] during the 70's. He has been bored ever since. [[:velma-ashland-1 | [[:velma-ashland-1 | ]] often cleans up after his screw ups. He has been censured for breaking the Masquerade three …

  • Akando

    A punk rocker from the Navajo tribe. He was sired by [[:dibe | Dibe]] during the 70's. He has been bored ever since. [[:velma-ashland-1 | [[:velma-ashland-1 | ]] often cleans up after his screw ups. He has been censured for breaking the Masquerade three …

  • Ahiga

    Ahiga has been training for a fight for years, but [[:isiah-rodriguez-1 | Isiah Rodriguez]] wouldn't let him become a hound under [[:velma-ashland-1 | Velma¬†Ashland]] teutalage. He was a boxer, a wrestler and the he started MMA. He has been a model …

  • Hokee

    Hokee works directly under [[:dibe | Dibe]], and he accompanies her wherever she goes. He is her assiastant, confidant and loyal assistant. He is known to be lazy when she is not around, but he is generally considered the smartest of the kindred in the …

  • Fuego the Lame

    Fuego walks the Path of Fire and Blood. He has a limp, but it does not seem to pain him. He uses a cane with a gold topper of a fire.

  • John the Son

    John the Son is handsome, charming and utterly disconnected from reality. When he is making sense, he manages to relate everything back to religion. He has a tendency to introduce himself repeatedly and forgets details.

  • Jenna Dark

    A New York native, she was sired by a Losombra Antitribue who made a name for himself fighting the Sabbat. Orwell Dark is a man who has eyes everywhere, and he is as quick with a blade as some Assamite. He has repelled at least three assassination …

  • N.J. Pierot

    One of two Brujah from New York who followed Jenna Dark's lead. They come from the Pierott line, a brood with a similar curse to the Lasombra. They cannot be picked up on recording devices or mirrors. N.J. fought on the front lines in the "Battle of …

  • Rainn Pierot

    Rainn Pierot has fought by her master's side for years. She uses a european style of long sword combat, and that is the closest thing she's come to a rebellion.

  • Gryphon

    The Gryphon is a warrior who brought the fight to the Sabbat in Montreal. The Gryphon took an Archbishops head. The Gryphon tore the heart out of a Paladin. He has established a reputation as a warrior for himself.