Tag: Gangrel


  • Baron Rios

    Baron Rios has been the prince of Albuquerque since 1999. He took the top spot after the previous prince, Diego Alvarez was murdered & dialbrized by his childe Rick Alvarez. Baron Rios was the Sheriff, and a close friend of Diego and Rick. He took it …

  • Lex

    Ancient by the standards of the industry he is in. Most don't make it out of their twenties, Lex on the other hand appears at least 40 which for someone in the drug trade certainly means they've seen and done some shit. He's typically dressed in only a …

  • Whip Tail

    His sire is [[:baron-rios | Baron Rios]], and his Childe are legion. Now that one has taken his life, what will the others do?

  • Gryphon

    The Gryphon is a warrior who brought the fight to the Sabbat in Montreal. The Gryphon took an Archbishops head. The Gryphon tore the heart out of a Paladin. He has established a reputation as a warrior for himself.