Tag: Mortal


  • Susan

    A USAirways claim agent who handled [[:luciano-giovanni-luke-johnson | Luciano Giovanni "Luke Johnson"]] case. The hounds targeted her to trade to the Saint. [[:lex-1 | Lex]] located her private residence, and he did initial recon. [[:devin-stanley | …

  • April

    The Sorority President of Sigma Phi Epsilon. She is smart and assertive. She recently took a job as a bar back at [[:devin-stanley | Devin's]] club. Her younger half brother is

  • Adriel

    He is a victim of [[:the-girl | The Girl in the Blue Dress]]. He was a decent earner from the time he was 11, and now he plans on joining the church.

  • Kristen Lexington

    Kristen Lexington is a petite young girl who worked at Dunken Donuts. Her dad, Charles Lexington, owes Lex money. He leverages her family, father's mistakes, to get her agree to work for the black saint.

  • Leslie Coleman

    Half way through her thirties, she retains the beauty of her youth but also has a more mature beauty. She has brown wavy hair and hazel eyes that light up when she feels a competition is on.