Black Rain

Black Rain is a corterie of vampires originally from New York. The leader of the corterie is Jenna Dark, a Lasombra Antitribue. Despite the coterie making a name for themselves as warriors on the front line against the Sabbat, they found dangerous enemies Camarilla when Rainn killed a well connected fellow combatant in the throw of frenzy.

Black Rain migrated to Albuquerque shortly after the primogen announced they would grant domain to those who were willing to fight. Jenna arrived first to sort out the particulars. She is looking for a place where she can sire childe and build a life. The North East was not that place.

The Coterie, despite their serious combat chops, are very normal “people” as far as the kindred go. They seem to genuinely enjoy each others company, squabble over movies and do away with social niceties while around one another.

The Corterie
Jenna Dark
N.J. Pierot
Rainn Pierot

Black Rain

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