Luciano Giovanni "Luke Johnson"

Giovanni enforcer


Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2
Charisma 3
Manipulation 3
Appearance 2
Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 3

Alertness 3
Awareness 2
Empathy 1
Intimidation 2
Leadership 1
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 2

Drive 2
Firearms 2
Larceny 2
Melee 1
Stealth 2

Investigate 1
Law 1
Medicine 2
Occult 2

Necromancy 3
Necromancy 1
Dominate 1

Allies (Mob) 2
Resources 2
Generation 2
Contacts 2
Mentor 1

Conscience 1
Self-control 5
Courage 4

Protege 1
Common Sense 1

Hunted like a Dog 3
Hunted 4

Humanity 6
Willpower 4
Bloodpool max 12

Knowing Stone


Luciano Giovanni is as cruel and manipulative as any of his family, but does his best to distance himself from them. He specializes in small-time personnel problems, whether it be potential information leaks, anti-spying, or brutal revenge tactics meant to send a message. Luciano, or Luke when he is among mortals, is most adept at retrieving information from unwilling persons through any means necessary.

His skill with shades is more of a hobby. Other Giovanni seem to think he does not take their desire, to rend the Shroud and eliminate the barrier between the dead and the living, seriously. In truth, they are correct. He views earthly powers and fears to be a goal unto itself, not requiring further justification. What he does helps the family, and that is enough for him.

As such, he is constantly loaned out to other clans and choice mortals. Others in the family view this as a punishment, but Luke views it as a welcome vacation away from the incestuous infighting between family members, and constantly dealing with dull ghouls.

Luciano Giovanni "Luke Johnson"

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